• Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Project Management of a Business Acquisition

Client: Industrial Products Manufacturer.

Project Objective: Ensuring target business is as per prospectus.

Project Summary: 

  • We managed the data collection for the due diligence, identified & assessed project risks and facilitated the project governance
  • We built relationships with key stakeholders for both buyer and seller
  • At a detailed level we project managed the due diligence to a successful business acquisition

The Challenges:             

  • Key stakeholders in the buyer were busy with their day-to-day work and other projects
  • The key seller stakeholder had a terminal illness
  • Business case for the seller left little room for negotiation


  • Facilitated regular governance meetings with key stakeholders
  • Created and completed detailed Due Diligence checklist
  • Build and manage detailed project plan covering all functional areas including Finance, Legal, Property, Sales, IP, Human Resources, Management, Reporting and Operations.
  • Pragmatically negotiated with both buyer and seller keeping focus on “bigger picture”
  • Managed acquisition contracts between lawyers


  • Business acquisition was successfully completed within timeframe
  • Both buyer and seller thought the outcome was a genuine win:win
  • All acquisition risks were successfully mitigated including no loss of clients
  • Financial return achieved six months post acquisition was significantly above plan

Client: Industrial Products Supplier

Project Objective: Project Management of a Business Acquisition

Project Summary: EPRAKT’s scope of work was to project manage a business acquisition to successful completion on behalf of the purchaser

The Challenges:                     

  • Seller had a relatively low level of business acumen and experience regarding acquisitions
  • Trust was initially low between seller and buyer due to legacy issues
  • Key purchaser (inconsistent: term buyer used elsewhere her and in other case studies) managers had to take leave of absence during project
  • The seller was not initially aware that they had overlooked key statutory requirements
  • The potential deal had leaked very early, causing employee and competitive risks


  • Developed, updated and published formal project plan covering all areas including Finance, Human Resources, Sales and marketing, IT, Property, Operations and Legal.
  • Identified project risks and built risk mitigation into overall project
  • Built trust with both sides by listening and directly addressing valid concerns and fears
  • Managed critical milestones on both sides to ensure that the action plan timeframes didn’t slip
  • Suggested compromise solutions when negotiation difficulties arose
  • Located and employed expert niche manager as an EPRAKT sub-contractor (do we want to say this in this way?) to quantify and address significant product stock issue (is this about valuation? If so,  it is an insurance cover issue)


  • Business acquisition was completed on time and at a cost lower than budget
  • Seller and purchaser (refer above) were extremely happy with the outcome and the process
  • Potential “deal-breaking” risks were proactively addressed to the satisfaction of both parties
  • Protocols and procedures were improved significantly during project
  • All key staff were retained post acquisition
  • Aggressive competitor approaches to seller’s clients were actioned in line with project plan, leading to retention of all key clients and some acquisition of new key clients

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