COVID-19 Pivot Planning

Meeting The Challenge While Building a Strong 2021!                       

COVID-19: Triage Checklist for Business

Quick and immediate actions that you should have started by now.

Everyone’s a Critic

Improve presentation skills and learn about tools for developing effective presentations…

How/Why Endorse People on LinkedIn
LinkedIn endorsements are often overlooked at without a full appreciation of their value…

Five Things I Hate About Lists 

Well, not all lists. I do see merit in shopping lists, to-do lists and action plans…

Beware the Ides of March!

Not just good advice for Julius Caesar in 44 BC, but in a couple of ways important advice for…

Closing the Deals Without Dropping the Price

How to think about price in the sales process…

What is critical equipment?

Equipment where a failure affects the organisations ability to meet Corporate Objectives…

LinkedIn or Checked-Out?

Why would you read this post over any one of the 160,000 published every week on LinkedIn?

Pivoting Your Business

Changing your Strategy to deal with emerging opportunities without a change in vision.