Market Segmentation Analysis

EPRAKT focuses on both market and customer segmentation and will support you with the development and deployment of a clear Go To Market approach aligned to your strategic plans.

Your value proposition connects what the customer values and what you get paid for.


Brand Strategy for Competitive Advantage

Brand positioning is essential for differentiation of offer and building brand equity. So sustaining competitive advantage through brand positioning can be a complex process,  particularly in the context of increasing competition in an increasing digital world.

EPRAKT works with our clients to create a unique selling proposition that forms the basis of the Customer Promise.


Growth & Margin Improvement

Knowing how to identify growth and margin improvement opportunities among your product, customer and market groups unlocks that potential.

The EPRAKT approach identifies these opportunities through deep analysis and then prioritises options them based on impact on profitability.


Sales and Marketing Competency Development

Covers a wide area of skills and abilities, recognising the key aspects of relationship building and trust, understanding best practice selling and their ten commandments, how to add value and develop a strategic partnership with your customers, the principles and deployment of smart price realisation and brand management to name but a few.