Supply Chain Optimisation

Being able to match market demand to supply and ensuring the right product is produced and delivered to plan will delight your customers.

Importantly, this requires coordination and collaboration with suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers, and customers.

The EPRAKT approach maximises value across the supply chain using a range of strategically critical methodologies.


Business Process Transformation

Customers need solutions not necessarily specific products or services, so business transformation needs to be aligned with Customer need. Getting the right strategic vision is critical.

EPRAKT understands this and ensures that success is measurable and an holistic view of the process  is driven by appropriate lag and lead indicators.


OHS & Quality Compliance Audit

With over 250 years’ operational management experience,  EPRAKT consultants have worked with internationally acclaimed safety organisations. We have a deep understanding of the application of safety principles, from management commitment through safety goals and behavioural auditing,  incident investigation,  and reporting.

The EPRAKT approach identifies gaps in your safety system and then supports the development to leading practice levels through coaching and assisted implementation.


Business Evaluation and Due Diligence

Business leaders often find themselves stuck between operating a well-tuned business and the creation of shareholder value and associated exit strategies.

EPRAKT can guide your organisation down the pathway to the decision to sell or optimise,  and the can advise on the level of project diligence and front-end effort needed to get there.