Benefits of Project and Change Management

  • Deliver projects on time and on budget
  • Bring in a resource on demand, who can flex with variable business requirements
  • Systematic change approach using professional change processes
  • Maximise success and acceptance of projects
  • Source a leader who can guide and support the wider project team

Why Choose EPRAKT

  • Successfully delivered 250+ projects and change assignments across a wide range of industries
  • Extensive experience at General Manager and Executive level
  • Our actual scars as Executive Leaders and Project and Change Managers provides great experience and unique insight
  • Qualified and Certified Change Managers
  • Geographic spread
  • EPRAKT Project Managers are committed to pragmatically delivering and implementing business plans
  • Attention to detail and meticulous planning
  • Commitment to the project budget and timeframe

Project and Change Management Approaches

  • Team involvement, engagement, and support
  • Team Leadership, Change Manager Facilitation or Team Member
  • Assessing the organisational capacity and readiness
  • Defining the change, identify key players, asses the risk, define the transition approach, build changer plans and implement and sustain the change
  • Overcoming project challenges through professional risk management approaches

Typical Next Steps

  • Confirm the project scope, budget and deliverables
  • Build and communicate a high-level project plan with key milestones
  • Engage all stakeholders
  • Understand and develop plans to overcome project risks
  • Include strategies to avoid project overruns in time and cost
  • Set up appropriate governance structures

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