Benefits of Strategic Planning

  • Find & hold your focus
  • Formalises a clear direction
  • Allows organisation to be proactive rather than reactive
  • Identifies & prioritises business opportunities
  • Mitigates business risks
  • Achieve business goals
  • Tracks progress to business goals
  • Formalises decision-making
  • Increases profitability & market share

Why Choose EPRAKT

  • Successfully developed 100+ business strategies
  • Decades of General Manager & Director experience
  • EPRAKT consultants are skilled at coaching leaders to execute their business plans
  • Actual scars as executive leaders gives great insight
  • Trained & qualified strategic planners
  • One Page Business Plan TM master affiliates

Strategic Planning Approaches

  • Customer segmentation & value proposition formalisation
  • Positioning of Vision, Values and Team Charter
  • Identifying business value drivers
  • SWOT
  • Management rhythms
  • Mitigation of business risks
  • Prioritisation of business opportunities
  • Change management & employee engagement
  • Actionable business plan development

Typical Next Steps

  • Discovery – history, current state, financials, plans, etc
  • Meet with key stakeholders
  • Team workshops
  • Utilise One Page Business Plans (OPBP) tools
  • Management coaching
  • Achieve long term behavioural change while solving specific short-term dilemmas

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