Strategic & Business Planning

Sustainable competitive advantage is achieved through the strategic application of your organisation’s mission and vision through well-documented and governed business plans. EPRAKT can call on The One Page Business Plan methodology and tools to provide simple, structured and sustainable plans.

EPRAKT reviews your business model to pinpoint gaps between your strategy and your execution plans.


Organisational Design & Change

Top organisations link delivery of strategy to their organisation structure.

EPRAKT connects structure and your corporate values to requisite core competencies,  processes and metrics. EPRAKT then facilitates change programs to deliver alignment of these elements.


Leadership Development and Coaching

Excellent leadership facilitates the execution of strategy. Leadership competencies include a passion for outcomes, building capability and engaging people for the challenge.

EPRAKT support key leaders through mentoring, executive coaching, individual & team leadership development. EPRAKT’s consultants are accredited to utilise Human Synergistics’ powerful & popular Lifestyle Inventory™ (LSI) & Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI) tools to enhance executive coaching outcomes.


Program Governance & Project Management

Effective business programs involve rigour in the scoping,  initiating, planning, executing, controlling and reviewing the work of a team to achieve specific success criteria.

EPRAKT can design and facilitate execution programs and play a hands on or supportive role in the delivery of your project.